Abolish the "Statutory Off Road Notification". 

The law states I have to tell the DVLA that I am not using my car. When it is obvious that I am not using my car because I haven't brought any tax disk for it.

This is paperwork for its own sake, the government doesn't have a natural right to demand me to do something when I am not doing something wrong.  

Why is this idea important?


If I have an exercise bike going rusty in my loft -whose business is it but mine? 

If I have a fridge which I dont use in my garage, who cares?

If I stopped listening to my radio why would I have to fill in a form to tell the government? Of course it would be stupid for the Government to spend time and money setting up an entire beaurcracy based on forcing me to tell them that I am not doing something. But I have to tell them every year that I haven't driven my old car because I now  cycle to work.

Especially it is obvious that I am not using my car by the very fact that I don't have a tax disk!

This is an example of a law which steps over the line between a government working for me to a government taking over my life and telling me what to do and assuming it has a right to do so. It doesn't- at least it hasn't in common law since Magna Carta. We need to return to the assumption that I am free as an Englishman, where the law only has a say when it is required. 

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