Sorn is some vehicle owners way of dodging Tax and keeping roads full of unused vehicles taking up necessary parking spaces. Councils cannot remove them as they are registered as sorn. Also tax mileage as some people use their cars for minimal use so i dont see why these people should pay higher tax because they cant afford to get a more economic car. The scrapage scheme was a waste of time as only better off people got to get rid of perfectly decent second cars because they could afford to buy new cars, whereas people who couldnt are still stuck with cars that are exspensive to run and tax. Also how about only allowing the licience holder permission to have only one car per liceince thus reducing the amount of households having more cars than needed.

Why is this idea important?

Reducing tax duties for people who use their cars less and make people think before using it, surely walking to the local shop is better than driving five minuets down the road causing emissions and extra traffic on the road. sorn is a way of getting out of paying tax on a vehicle if u dont need to drive it sell it or scrap it, what a waste to have a car but not use it.The licence issue would put pay to more spendrift familes to think about owning more cars than they actually need.

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