Currently the Nuclear installations Act of 1965 limits the liability of the operator of a nuclear power station to the first  £140 million of damages only. This amounts to a huge taxpayer subsidy to the Nuclear industry, reduces pressure for safety in nuclear power stations and risks bankrupting the country if we had a major nuclear mishap.

Why is this idea important?

Abolishing this cap would put the onus for insurance back onto the generator. Nuclear powerstations would either have to be made safer or would have to pass their full cost onto the user – and this under current technology would render Nuclear power unviable..

Currently the state providing this insurance cover is an unfunded major risk – if we ever lost a region to a nuclear incident we would be in a very poor position to fund decontamination and the health care of millions of radiation victims. 

Removing this subsidy would hopeully close down this industry, but if not at least we would know that in the even of a disaster there would be some money to cleanup the mess.

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