Student loans are a curse that gets students of all ages into debt, on the supposition that they will be able to get a job afterwords to repay the loan, which either may not exist, or may not pay half as much as they expected, and thus leave them in a serious long term debt problem.

The culture of personal debt, which benefits only the banks, who suck on the public like leeches, must end, except in the case of essential major purchases like a home and possibly a car.

Banks instead should be lending to (mainly in the form of credit agreements) to businesses, and not funding mass higher education, which except in the case of certan professional jobs like medicine (and I mean DOCTORS, not NURSES) nobody needs, to say nothing of the ridiculous number of ever high and mostly meaningless degrees like Masters and so on, which numerous people are now feeling obliged to take to distinguish themselves from the glut of people with first degree, should shouldn't actually have one in the first place because it neither represents any truly useful knowledge, nor does society need them toi have it.

What we need is people who can DO THEIR JOBS PROPERLY, regardless of whether they have a degree or not, and most jobs can be done by ON THE JOB TRAINING given to suitable candidates tested for aptitude and chosen at the discretion of the employer.




Why is this idea important?

Because by not having the RIGHT people, i.e. the ones with real ABILITY, instead of the ones who just happen to have wealth parents,  training to be top academics, vocational professionals, we are reducing nad losing the real talent in our country,  to get the top brains and talents in science , the professions and the public services, and filling the most important jobs in our society with mediocre people who are leading us all to disaster, and are their based on plutocracy, and overambition supported by meaningless qualificaitons, and not on merit.

It is also a form of class snobbery, that so many people believe they are some superior kind of human being, just because they have a degree, which many people CHOOSE not to get, simply because they don't need one, and bear in mind, that the richest man in the world Bill Gates, does NOT have a university degree, as neither do many other highly successful people.

It's also a HUGE waste or money to fund millions of degrees which are not needed, when the money could be much better spent on healthcare, the police, the roads, and PRIMARY EDUCATION so that we actually had a population which was properly numerate and literate, whereas now we have thousands (maybe even millions) of people with degrees, who cannot even  spell or punctuate properly, or perform basic arithmetic without a calculator.

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