Abolish the legislation banning the disposal of dead livestock on the farm.

This legislation requires farmers to pay an abattoir to remove all carcases, even those of tiny lambs.

It is inconceivable that on-farm burial poses any health risk to humans. Anybody suggesting that there is such a risk is taking the Precautionary Principle to absurd and extreme lengths.

This is European legislation. I suggest that Britain either pulls out of the EU or gets a bit tougher in rejecting ludicrous legislation.

Why is this idea important?

Repealing this legislation will:

1. Reduce the risk of collection vehicles spreading disease from farm to farm.

2. Save farmers the expense involved.

3. Save tax payers the cost of employing civil servants to inspect farmers’ records and match them to invoices from abattoirs. (Big Brother at work here!)

4. Allow farmers to dispose of dead animals immediately, rather than have corpses, awaiting collection, rotting and stinking in the farmyard.

5. Ensure that there is a good supply of carrion for the wildlife that feeds upon it – from fungi and beetles etc to mammals and birds.

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