The average on car tax is about £150 per year, a car lasts about 12 years on average, so by putting a tax on a new car of 10% of the cost of a car is going to raise a lot of money quickly as most people will not notice the 10% as many are company vehicles. Lories will for example give a larger amount than a Range Rover which will be more than a mini.

  However, the police are then not tax collectors, the government gets the next 10 years tax immediately, many stupid laws are redundant, Swansea can be scaled down slowly as the older cars are phased out reducing work force.

  Forgetting to renew or being unable to due for example being in hospital will no longer be a worry, poorer people will not have to find silly amounts for a neccessity that is frequently old anyway as they cannot get a newer one and its likely to be a higher rate vehicle as they last longer.

Why is this idea important?

At the moment many poorer people have to buy old cheap cars, and they have to as the public transport is either non existant and /or very dear. Now these vehicles are going to be the bigger vehicles that fall into expensive tax category as the small cheap ones do not last. It will also be a very good PR situation as it will appear that the poor are being thought about seriously as RFT affects the poor the hardest!

  It will stop the police being tax collectors, and worse being seen as such. Most people accept no insurance is wrong, but RFT is seen as an unfair imposition.

  It will also stop the attitude that "foreigners dont have to pay tax". Thereby giving a more level playing field and many lorries, now registered in France and Holland will come back to being UK reg along with their drivers and thereby paying UK Income Tax (I personally know at least 1 company that has all their wagons reg in Holland and all the drivers, British, pay dutch income tax!!)

The 2 biggest though is the Swansea reduction, and immediate receipt of 10 years RFT.

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