Certain businesses should be exempt from the compulsary smoking ban in public places. Before this law was introduced; restaurants and other similar businesses did the ethical thing and produce both smoking and non smoking areas indoors.

I think this law should be modified on an ethical intelligent basis. Another words I think the smoking ban should be kept in place for certain public places like public transport, schools and hospitals. However other non vital public businesses where people have a choice to go like pubs should have the choice.

The arguement that it "protects the employee" is invalid because this law does not protect employees in the film industry because they are exempt from this law.

Maybe a clause could be put in, that if you allow smoking then you must have an adequet extractor fan.

Why is this idea important?

FACT. The smoking ban has crippled the pub industry in the last 3 years with 10000 pubs disapearing in that time. Smokers choose not to go to the pub because of this ruling.

If the law would be changed, it gives the businesses the choice to make the right decision for there business. Some businesses still might implement the no smoking ban to keep there customers, but it also gives the right for businesses to make a choice to attract more customers in these hard times especially for the landlords of pubs.

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