Get rid of the Criminal Justice Act intoduced by the last conservitive government.

Why is this idea important?

Sections 61 & 62: “Trespassers on land” is a anti traveller section, it even gives the  police powers to seize vehicles.

Living a van, bus or truck is a fairly low impact lifestyle, you can get an old bus for a bargin price get a wood burner for heating maybe a windmill and solar panels for 12v electrical system and you have a mortgage free starter home.  So that is a sustainable housing solution.

Sections 63, 64 & 65: Raves

“A ‘rave’ is defined as a gathering of 100+ people, at which amplified music (‘wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats’[!) is played which is likely to cause serious distress to the local community, in the open air and at night.”

Amazing, we apparently live in a democracy, but we are not allowed to gather and listen to music. All we want to do is dance and talk. Indeed we need to talk, the world is in crisis environmentally and financially, we need to talk about how we plan to live in the future, it is far to important for it to be left to politicians.  So raves are ‘democratic  meetings’ where in the morning, when everyone has relaxed we can discuss the future.

Sections 72, 73 & 74: Squatters – and Protected Intended Occupiers

Squatting has a long history in the UK, currently with the financial crisis there are more empty properties than ever. The facts are that  houses/buildings are kept empty until the price of that property get high enough for the owner/ speculator to sell on for profit, or neglect the building until they can knock it down and build something else. Squatting is recycling buildings, turning used property into homes.

repeal the CJA so that we can start making a more sustainable livable life NOW!

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