My idea is to get rid of the CSCS site safety cards and the SIA Security Licence.  

Why is this idea important?

These 2 cards cost a lot of money to buy and for the government to administer.  I work with people who are unemployed and looking for work, many who are more than capable of getting jobs in these areas but cannot afford to pay for the cost of the cards or licenses.  It can often take up to 10 weeks for someone to get these and this is whilst good jobs go unfilled.

14 Replies to “Abolish the CSCS and SIA”

  1. The cscs card is a restiction on my right to trade,no other workers have them, such as shop workers civil servants and mps, so why should I.

  2. sia cards thou are a good thing, security needs to be regulated it is a position of power that needs to have a sharp eye kept on it or people will abuse their positions.

  3. I’m not against cscs, just that they expire after two years. I took my driving test once, I took my city and guilds once so why should I have to take time off work to take a test that is frankly so easy a child could pass. We should try to abolish this money making scheme.

  4. The cscs is a money making racket. I’ve been bricklaying 28 yes now without a hitch. I am now being asked for my skills card otherwise won’t be able to get on site. So since they have made changes to the cscs I’m going to have to do my NVQ to get a skills card. It’s a joke

  5. I agree the cscs is a money making racket I been on building sites for thirty odd years groundworking labouring it just common sense you need now out of work for the first time ever .all foreigners on site these days no brits

  6. It’s nothing more than a money making racket, being trained by someone less experienced than myself. And then have to pay for it.
    Even worse,when I did my tests at great ormond St hospital. The managers decided that they paid for the courses, and the cards and certificates belonged to them. . never again

  7. These cards are joke you have people that have got the nvq but no experience on site over tradesmen with years of experience and if you do say tiling and say plastering and flooring you would have to have three cards fair enough have it for health and safety but if your onsite your boss or the site boss know if your up to the job it would be more use on domestic work where the customers don’t know who you are the fact is though there are are good and bad workers it doesn’t matter how long or how many nvqs you have and I’ve seen it said that they have made no difference to site safety its just a money spinner

  8. As previously said by others it is a money making scheme, if a person does fail they will be out of work until they have taken a re-test, what does this mean for the test you had taken 5 years ago? The managers test is a lot harder than all the other tests, if some of the questions are not answered correctly does it mean you are unsafe? No it does not, if you were unsure about something you would look it up or ask, if the majority of people too the same test 6 months later but did not revise, would they still pass? Its really a memory test and nothing else, what a con.

  9. Job’s. for the boys.lad that i work with says he’s not going to take test this time .he’s really good plasterer taught by his father from 16 years old he now 50 years old and he has got to do NVQ test its absolutely NUTS

  10. I’ve been a fully skilled carpenter / joiner since 1984 with city & guilds the Cscs won’t accept my city & guilds they say I’ve got to take a nvq level 3 course costing £1500 to get a skilled CSCS card I’ve worked all over the country in Europe Ireland but now I can’t evan work down the road surely they can’t just make a skilled trades mans qualifications nul & void that has to be illegal to take away someone’s ability to earn a living but they don’t seem to care Theses idiots in offices

  11. Why have they made the constitution industry so unattractive to school leavers?
    I’ve been a tiler for over 23 years why should I pay to do a test where most of the questions don’t even apply to my job? It’s just another money making rip off.
    Why don’t they listen to the industry and make life a little easier for everyone????

  12. I agree, they need to abolish it as its basically down to commonsense, I’m in the building trade and currently looking for work as the contract I was on has finished. All the jobs I find are for people with cscs cards. This puts me out of work as I don’t have one.

  13. they should do away with all cards and the elf and safety as well they are all a money making rakett i was working on one site in north east and a gang of 5 sasage rolls all had the same cscs no cheep foringe labour and if you said out you wear out of a job i worked in construction for 50 years and it was much better with out all the money making rakket red tape and forigin labour

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