The UK is quick to jump on South Africa and Aparthied but they are blind to the fact that commit an even worse act every day.  This act is forcing the UK to implement a system that they have, for many years, held up as an example of how not to do things. By enforcing the equality act, the UK employer is being forced to employ colour over credit, possibly to the detrement of their business. To promote true equality it should not be on the basis of ethnicity (colour or interpretation of race) but on the basis of education, knowledge and experience. If someone has worked hard for their education (being of colour is irrelevant) then why should they be penalised because they are from the right side of the tracks. Having being born in South Africa and being witness to both regimes, I can honestly say that colour is no basis for judgement. Everyone can learn if given the chance and the means to go forward. What incentive is there for someone to learn if there is no job for them at the end, all because they are not of a certain ethnicity? I would rather employ someone whom I trusted to do the role than employ someone purely for their skin colour. It would truly be let the best man or woman win. I see people, what do you see?  

Why is this idea important?

It promotes the need for education and knowledge and takes the emphasis away from the racial issue. People do not seem to comprehend that by trying to avoid racial tension they are in fact creating it. I would be angry if someone of a lower calibre knowledge wise to me was employed over me simply because of their skin colour. There would be anger towards a race where there never would have been an issue if it were simply on knowledge and merit.

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