The General Chiropractic Council was set up with the intention of protecting the Public from malpractice.  However the GCC has set about interfering with virtually every aspect of it's registrants working and private lives.  It has exceeded it's mandate to such an extent that the Chiropractors commissioned a survey which came up with the following conclusion:

77.1% of the profession had no confidence in the in the GCC a finding later endorsed by the Chiropractic Patients Association.  The GCC as an organisation has itself been riven with political infighting among the factions which make up it's council structures and senior figures within the organisation have been forced to resign over what might be termed seroius errors of judgement in the course of their work activities.  Such problems have retarded the profession and undermined the GCC's ability to act in a fair and impartial manner.  

So what might be the way forward?

N0.1 reduce the scope of regulation to encompass only what is required to protect the public from physical harm. For all other matters we have a system of civil proceedures open to the public. 

No.2 Merge all non medical healthcare regulation into one body to reduce business costs ie abolish the GCC

No.3  insist on one national association to represent  the Chiropractors and to help deal with lower tier professional transgressions that do not warrant costly public hearings( for such misdemeanours as having cat hair on the floor of a clinic)  . 

Lastly a full open audit of all the GCC's activities regarding their handling of their regulatory duties since their inception 10 years ago 

Why is this idea important?

Regulation has become a burden on the Chiropractic profession and is suffocating investment. It is making the lives of the registrants intolerable with ever far reaching encroachment into the chiropractors business and personal lives.  Therefor fro these and many other reasons (known to government they must be abolished.

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