The Hull City region is an artificially created by somebody in an office who has absolutely no idea of the local demographics or the animosity that exists between north and south banks. It is an attempt to recreate Humberside County Council, which was despised by virtually everybody on both the north bank and south bank.

Why is this idea important?

The antagonism between people each side of the river is holding back the development of both sides. An insider tells me that they spend more time arguing about “if you’re going to apply for one of them then we have to apply for the same”. Obviously each side has different requirements and needs. And as each side isn’t likely to support the other, they might as well compete openly. They might then learn to cooperate and eventually work together. But until then the arguments are holding back each side in a time when we should be encouraging organisations to become more dynamic.

This City Region will only become more dynamic if it is split along the Humber.

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