Although I'm giving up posting here, because this site does not allow me to properly debate the radical changes we need in our society adequately, before I leave, I simply must register my utter disgust with the recent policy of TASERING the public in the course of policing.

It is quite simply a form of TORTURE, and torture is constantly denied even in the case of terrorist suspects by our governments (apart from the Americans who openly admit to waterboarding and so on), it's totally against human rights, and takes us back to the middle ages in terms of the administration of law and order.

I can appreciate that in EXTREME circumstances, i.e. dealing  with an armed and hostile criminal, the police need some means of subduing him/her  without seriously risking their own lives, but even the courts are not allowed to torture CONVICTED criminals, let alone suspects, or innocent people whom they mistakenly pursue who may panic and try to get away even though they are innocent.

What next  to control the public – ELECTRIC CATTLE PRODS? Wouldn't they be really useful in crowd control situations.

Why not,  if you can LEGALLY fire terminals into somebody, and torture them by pressing a button and giving them  thousands of volts shocks, surely it's only a small step away to justyfing the use of electric cattle prods?

Consider the alternatives to TASERS – for extremely violent or dangerour armed suspects, why not for example use some kind of anaesthetic gas to put them unconscious? Why not have a hypodermic syringe of doping agent which can be used to bring down a rhinoceros or a tiger, so surely quite easy to use with a human?

The TASER is giving the police the power to TORTURE suspects and innocent people, and as such it is AN APPALLING ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS, and just shows the absolute contempt that is held for the general public, both by the police and the governments who have introduced or approved this weapon, which as usual has been imported from America like almost every other bad and inhumane idea.

Can the governmments  of this country start having a mind of their own please, and stop following every idea that America things up , rendering our nation and government to no more than a tail being wagged by a dog?


Why is this idea important?

TASERING Iin an absolutely appalling abuse of our human rights, it's giving the police, the authorities, the right to PHYSICALLY TORTURE any one of us whenever  they see fit.

In America there are all sorts of case of innocent people, medically unsound people, and even grannies in their 80s being TASERED/TORTURED, simply because in the view of the police they were being "obstructive", "resisting arrest" (the old chestnut/favourite excuse for police abuse) or whatever.

Any country who cared about HUMAN RIGHTS would outlaw (or repeal the RIGHT for) this practice IMMEDIATELY, and that a LIBERAL government in particular, does not immediately campaign for the ending of this threat of torture to the general public at the whim of the police, is an appalling failure and act of negligence on their part.

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