This is a very nasty, vindictive, scapegoating law, copying previous ideas that didn't work and it's based on a lie. That lie is – workers decide whether or not to work. The truth of the matter is that employers, not workers, decide whether workers can work or not. It's based on The Poor Law 1834 (which brought in the Workhouse), as well as on a 1930's scheme where the Conservatives thought that the unemployed had "gone soft" and needed to be "toughened up for work". During both these periods there were very few or no jobs available. It should be top priority to abolish the Jobseekers' Act 1995, because it means that millions of people have now got a death sentence hanging over them. I wonder how many people died of JSA under the new Labour Govt? I think we should be told. As a long standing Lib Dem voter, I feel betrayed by their failure to impose Proportional Representation immediately or abolish JSA immediately. Reinstate the Social Security Act 1976, bringing back Unemployment Benefit, and Supplementary Benefit. I also think benefit rates should be doubled. I'm on Income Support, so according to the unchecked Conservative "Welfare Reform" plans, I haven't got long left to live. 

Why is this idea important?

I think my idea is important because the situations it pushes people into are a matter of life and death. No money and you die.

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