The Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) has done nothing for local government food hygiene enforcement, but duplicate oversight of already existing similar schemes such as the Home Authority system. These were previously guided perfectly adequately by LACORS (Local Authority Coordinating body for Trading Standards), and by Food Standards Agency Codes of Practice.

Such duplication does not provide value for money, and the LBRO should be recognised as a symbol of the old politics of being seen to do something, even if there is no value for money to be gained.

One of the key political justifications for establishing the LBRO was to enforce the Primary Authority Scheme. I believe this was also an unnecessary venture, as it largely duplicated existing 'Home Authority' schemes already in place. The premise of big business on which the scheme is based, that food safety standards are uniform in every branch of that business across the country, is a false one as can be proven time and time again by any sample of local authority food hygiene inspections. The scheme will only serve to turn local authority against local authority, costing the council tax payer money and skewing regulation and therefore the economy in favour of big business.


Scrap the Primary Authority Scheme and the LBRO.

Why is this idea important?

It will restore equity of regulation to the food business sector, and save mnoey through the removal of an unnecessary government department.

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