The OSA was originally brought in during a state of war, and its presence on the statute book is at the heart of the culture of unaccountability, secrecy and control freakery which defines most of what is wrong with UK politics today.


How can the citizen trust a system which is conceited enough to believe it "owns" information, when all of government is the property of the taxpayer ? A duty of openness should replace a culture of deceit and cover up.

Why is this idea important?

Modern government has become untrustworthy and expensive because it devotes more time money and effort to trying to fix and control tomorrows headlines than delivering trains which run on time, wars which do not happen and bankers who do not steal the whole country's future.


A culture of concealment and partial revelation is at the heart of an unhealthy relationship between public servants and those they are meant to be serving – not deceiving.

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