Abolish the excessive powers given to the police to retain DNA data on people who have been wrongly accused or acquitted or have had no further action taken against them removed from the database.  The European Court ruled that this was excessive.  This breaches the principles of the right to privacy and a fair trial.  It gives those intent on making a false allegation legitimacy.   

There is no mechanism whereby the discretionary powers metered out by the police are reviewed.  These should be given back to the courts so that there is independent review.   At least this means there is a trial by peers by an indpendent prosecutor.  Even if a citizen challenges the police using the current mechanism of internal review and the IPCC they will virtually be guaranteed a biased and unfair review.  Any invesigation on the conduct of the police is conducted firstly internally by the Professional Standards Department (Job for the Boys) who are generally less than competent and are not interested in getting to the truth .  If the citizen is able to appeal to the IPCC (who in a recent report was deemed not fit for purpose) they are unlikely to get a fair and effective investigation.      

Why is this idea important?

Restores the balance between human rights and the powers of the police not to criminalise and label everyone.  Human rights  

Restore faith in the review of public officials being accountable for their actions.  Actually have review mechanisms that are effective, provide sanctions and say what it does on the tin and not offer empty promises and disappointment.  

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