Photocard driving licences also have a "counterpart" paper licence which must be produced ialong with the photocard when production of a driving licence is required. This is silly and wasteful. If we must (as the EU say we must) have a photocard licence let that be the only document required.

Why is this idea important?

I know several people who have an old "paper only" licence; these are still legal. I only applied for a photocard licence as my old paper licence was about 80% Sellotape. When I received the new one I was shocked to find that not only was my "perpetual" paper licence now converted to a guaranteed Government revenue stream as the photocard must be renewed at my expense every 10 years, I still had to have an A4 sized paper "counterpart" which duplicated the information on the photocard. This is wasteful in the extreme (in terms of paper alone, forgetting the costs and possible errors involved in administering and priniting the thing). It opens up yet another avenue for criminalising the law-abiding (who have their card but have lost the pointless "counterpart") and exposes a Government  system to ridicule. If we have a photocard driving licence let it be a photocard. If we have an old paper licence let it be a paper licence. To require both is ludicrous.

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