Abolish the time limit on paying retrospective National Insurance Contributions


If you have a hole in your NI record, either because you did not have a job yet did not claim benefits,or because your employer did not pass on the deductions he took from your pay, then you can make voluntary contributions to fill in the gap – but only up to a certain time. After that time it is too late. People who wish to pay into the state coffers should not have to do it within a time limit.  It may be that you only find out about the gap when it is too late, as in the case of the employer defaulting.

Why is this idea important?

If you find out too late then you are doubly punished. Not only has your employer nicked your momeny but you cannot make up the gap and will suffer come pension time.

It is time to relax the rules on this as the state needs money and there are people who are wanting to pay into it but are not able to!

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