As a Christian living in a Christian State,I,am utterly appalled that the numerous Laws listed below,continue to be un-lawfully violated against my life,through-out,the past 33 years of my life ,by, publicly funded and regulated Public Authourities including;

(1) The National Health Service (NHS).

(2) Halton Borough Council.

(3) Cheshire County Court.

(4) Cheshire Constabulary.

(5) The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

(6) The Proceeds of Crime invested JobCentre Plus (JCP).

(7) The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).

All these Laws carry the signature an authourity of Her Majesty The Queen,these violated Laws are as follows;

THE  UNIVERSAL DECLARATION (1948), ARTICLE 25.  = Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the Health and Wellbeing of himself and his family,including, food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services.

THE  EUROPEAN  COVENANT on ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and CULTURAL RIGHTS (1976), ARTICLE 12.   = The right to enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of Physical and Mental health.

THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE ACT (1977), CHAPTER 49.  Part 1. 1 a + b.  Services and Administration..     Part 1. 21 (1) b.  Prevention, Care and Aftercare..

THE  EUROPEAN SOCIAL CHARTER ( revised of  1996 )  =  Everyone has the right to benefit from any measures enabling him to enjoy the highest standard of Health attainable, and that anyone without adequate resources has the right to Social and Medical care.

THE DUTY RULE. 3 (A).  = A patient is owed a Legal duty of care by a health carer.  This Duty is a single , indivisible Duty.

THE THEFT ACT (1968) .  =  To supply False information for a Monetary advantage is illegal.


First Protocol :  Right To Education.

Article 2 :  Right To Life.

Article 3 :  Inhumane Treatment.

Article 8 :  Right To Respect for Private and Family Life.

Article 9 :  Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion.

Article 10 : Freedom of Expression.

Article 13 : Right To An Effective Remedy.

Article 17 : Prohibition of Abuse of Rights.


THE  DATA  PROTECTION  ACT (1998). Section C, Schedule 3, 2.1.   =  Data Subjects have Access Rights to all records irrespective of when they were created.

ABUSE  OF  DISCRETIONARY  POWERS.  =  The exercise of a power for an Improper Purpose is invalid.  Improper purpose include Malice,or, Personal Dishonesty on the part of the Officials making the decision.

Why is this idea important?

As I have presented these very serious matters to the constituent member of Parliament for Weaver Vale,Mike Hall MP,in June 2005 and then again to Mike Hall MP in his role as the private secretary too The Justice Secretary Jack Straw in April 2009. The then un-elected Prime Minister Gordon Brown in a 60 page letter of complaint of January 2009. The then Health Secretaries Alan Johnson in a 40 page letter of complaint against the NHS of March 2009 and Andy Burnham in October 2009.  And as a consequence of presenting these complaints ,I, have been systematically Victimised by The Proceeds of Crime invested St Helens Benefits Delivery Centre.

As Her Majesty The Queen gives Her signature an authourity too these written Laws,which, are created by Her Majesty's Government. For Her Majesty's Government too condone the violation of these Laws brings Her Majesty's Government and Christianity into direct conflict/ disrepute. Therefore, Her Majesty The Queen should have the Title and Role of Defender of the Christian Faith removed from the long list of Titles held by Her Majesty The Queen. This way Christianity can not be associated with the CRIMINAL workings of Her Majesty's Government,as,there is no Legality, Morallity nor Humanity behind the State Sponsored Murder of ,I.

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