at the moment the law states when you pass your driving test ( if passed after 1997) you can legally drive a tractor and trailer up to i believe 22tons but you are restricted to a 3.5 ton car and a trailer weighing no more than 750kg (unless you take another test) so if your allowed to drive the tractor and trailer what is wrong with a car and trailer. firstly a car and trailer is much smaller and thus less likely to do as much damage in an accident secondly it is easier to tow a larger trailer. obviously this was not thought through when they brought in the trailer test law.

Why is this idea important?

its important because i believe we (those who passed their tests after 1997) have taken the same if not more complex driving test but actualy achieve less so i think this law is unjustified and unfair

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  1. Total joke how can you have one rule for pre 97 passers and another for those who passed after human rights … What a joke ! A man towing a trailer whos had no training and might never have towed before is legal .. But a man who has used trailers since passing his driving test but after the so important date of the 97 rule can’t if this is well thought out no wonder the country is in the state it’s in its unfair silly and a money making scam . We all set the same driving test didn’t we ….????

  2. Completely agree. And why is the majority of the test similar to the first driving test when you have already passed the driving test and it’s supposed to be about the trailer.

    Reeks of squeezing more money out of people.

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