Abolish the TV / BBC License FEE

BBC TV Centre

Abolish the TV / BBC Licence Fee, massively reduce the citizen subsidy / funding of the BBC to cover independent news broadcasting only and offer the management and staff of the BBC the opportunity to make an employee buy in or sell the remaining parts to the highest bidder.

The facade of the licence fee does nothing to hide the fact that it is citizens who pay for the BBC – I believe there are over 30 million licenses issued and probably 3 million unlicensed but should be licensed sets.

The citizen subsidy for news could be given to the BBC either through a special rate of VAT imposed on TVs and broadcasting devices, collected at the point of sale, or througha general in VAT or the additional tax revenue obtained for putting most of the BBC into the private sector.

Why does this idea matter?

Too much time and effort is devoted to the license fee and the BBC.

The administrative sytem of issuing licenses, collecting the fees, identifying license dodgers, prosecuting them, fining them, collecting the fines (or writing them off in many cases) is a complete and utter waste of time and money.

All the jobs connected to the license fee are totally unnecessary as there is no need to have a license at all.

What people want are the programmes and Pay TV has shown people will buy them or take out a subscription, as with SKY.

THe Reithan model for the BBC is outdated and way past its sell by.

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2 Responses

  1. Richard Matthews says:

    Good idea. I rarely watch TV because I have no interest in most of poor quality programmes broadcast and watching endless repeats… yet I am charged a significant amount of money every year just to own a TV.
    I would much prefer to subscribe to channels that interest me and purchase films individually.

  2. alex fraguglia says:

    BBC should create a subscription method like SKY and thats it. If you dont mind to pay you will just need a subscription and leave other people with tv and computers alone. TV License it is another way to tax people by the government opression.

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