I think it is time to abolish the TV licence. People should be allowed to choose what they wish to subscribe to & pay for ie Sky TV.

We should be allowed to choose if we want the BBC,not have it forced on us.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because we dont have the freedom of choice. Its expensive & getting more expensive every year. I am against struggling to pay for this when the BBC executives & personalities are paid huge wahes & fees.

3 Replies to “Abolish the TV licence”

  1. The BBC has so many good shows. But surely they could find other means for funds.

    I agree, in todays world you should not need a tv license.

  2. Yes , the bbc should encrypt its channel and offer it pay per view , that way people who want it can choose it , not pay for it regardless of whether they watch it or not , it isn’t fair on all the other channels who need to raise revenue through advertising ..
    It’s long long overdue .. The licence should now be abolished !!

  3. Abolish it now. It’s a vile tax that funded Jimmy Saville for decades. It’s position should be untenable.

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