As one who undertakes voluntary tasks in the community I recognize that it is sensible that a check should be made against a database of convicted criminals to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected. However I see no reason why innocent people should be expected to be placed on a database which in effect says that they are acceptable but which nevertheless requires their details to be held. It is this idea which underlies the Vetting and Barring Database and I hope that you will consider abolishing this iniquitous and bureaucratic insult to decent people who only wish to give of their time for good causes.

Why is this idea important?


It seems to me that there are two vital principles which have underpinned our freedom, namely the presumption of innocence and the idea that what is not specifically forbidden by law is permitted, not the reverse as applies in many countries.



I hope that you may find merit in these suggestions and I wish you well in your efforts to roll back what has increasingly become intolerant and arrogant behaviour by an authoritarian state.

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