Abolish the £30 payment made to some over 16s on a weekly basis to encourage them to go to school or college.  This is a total waste of governent money.  All kids would happily accept a 'no questions asked' payment of £30 per week and it is not encouraging any spirit of enterprise whatsoever.  It simply serves as a financial bribe paid to those who would otherwise drop out of education altogether. 

Why is this idea important?

  • It would save the government money and reduce red tape
  • It would mean young people would have to want to continue in education to gain further qualifications and not simply enrol in something, turn up and take the cash for as long as they can.
  • Young people would have to find inner motivation. Bribery is not the answer

2 Replies to “Abolish the weekly £30 paid to encourage some kids to go to school”

  1. i used to attend a college for young learners – i was the oldest one in the college and not entitled to this – i had to get to the college each day – paying o get here – paying for materials to use, would get o the college only to be unable to concentrate in lessons due to the disruptiveness of people who came only to claim ema and would sit and cause havoc knowing as long as in the room they were getting it – i can honestly tell you of 40 people i know 2 that were not spending it on weed or geting drunk after. not right. if i pay to get there and cant study. i can manage to go without extra money so can everyone else

  2. this is literally there in cases to pay for some working class peoples expenses sjgraney you should consider this and what you would put that money towards along with how much this realistically loses the government before you plan to take this away and return it towards the government

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