Abolish the Welsh Assembly

To abolish the Welsh assembly, and to restore Britishness, and also to restore power back to Westminster. As the Welsh assembly has not got an idea of how to rule Wales, only Westminster has.

Why does this idea matter?

This issue is important because if the Welsh Assembly does exist, and/or have more power, then it will break up the British union. Also, Wales has not got much of an economy, and does not make anything that could ever compete on a world scale. Wales needs Britain, and needs England. Britian as a whole has got a proud heritage, and is a powerful world leading country as a whole, not seperately. Also, Wales would never have the money nor the capacity to protect it from countries that are of risk to society, and live. Wales is part of Britain, and the individuals how are "Welsh" and British, and will be so. So, lets keep the country British, and not allow the other parties to break up Britain

7 Responses

  1. Lewis Simpson says:

    Pfft, Britishness? Britishness is just a synonym for Englishness that extends english culture over wales and Scotland. We should only give more power to them and support devolution to end this imperialistic union owned by London, with barely any say from the nations they occupy. Now I don’t hate the english, but I hate their (and any welsh or scots) idea of “Britishness”.

  2. Gareth davies says:

    What a load of rubbish on this website!

  3. yes lets get rid of them we don’t need their wages coming out of money that could be spent in Wales or have to pay for their lavish buildings

  4. w t challoner says:

    lets get rid of welsh senate and just belong to uk gov


    yes i agree with you

  6. David Allen says:

    I agree with the general concensous above.. Wales is really lacking in all aspects of our lives, we have an opportunity in the next election to vote the Welsh Government out and regain our place in Great Britain again, and stop Wales from becoming a forgotten back water. I wish you party all the best in your attempt to pu t Wales back on the map of Great Britain.

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