Uninsured drivers are a menace. These criminals are causing law abiding citizens much bother and increased costs and are a drain on the public sector via the work of the police and courts.

The aim is to reduce the number of uninsured drivers, the number of accidents and the cost of motor insurance for the average driver.

Abolish Third Party Motor Insurance and start licensing individual drivers for a broader range of vehicles and adding the cost of what was paid in third party premiums to driving licenses.

Accidents are caused by specific drivers in specific cars. Men are more motor accident prone than women, young people more prone to accidents than the middle aged.

The more powerful the car, the more likely the heavier cost of damage in an accident.

The idea is each driver would have an annual driving license, a copy of the summary to be shown on the windscreen and displayed by each driver when using the vehicle, a copy with a photograph of the driver to be on the driver at all times when driving to match the number of the license on the windscreen.

There would be a range of licenses and insurances available at different costs depending on the specific age of the driver, the gender, previous driving record, power of car (under 1 litre, under 2 litres etc) annual mileage etc.

The scheme could be operated by the government or the private sector. The government could award contracts for issuing the licenses / insurances and take a percentage of the revenues earned by the insurance companies.

Why is this idea important?

By putting the cost of third party insurance onto the motorist and the car, the system is fairer.

By combining the license to drive with the basic insurance and making it law to carry a license / insurance document and display a summary document while driving, it would make identification of unlicensed vehicles / drivers easier for police to check.

Where a driving offence involved the loss of a license it would now involve loss of insurance and reduce unlicensed driving and driving without insurance, or make such crimes more visible.

It would mean motorists could carry one document instead of 2.

It would reduce court costs.

Over time it would reduce insurance premiums for careful drivers and ensure bad drivers paid more for their insurance or did not drive.

Over a longer period it could lead to lower repair costs and premiums and a less wasteful economic system so that where vehicles over 3 years old (or 30,000 miles) were involved in an accident, body parts could be replaced with recovered / second hand parts from scrapped vehicles in place of using new parts.

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