The government should abolish the requirement for retailers to provide a till reciept with each purchase.

Why is this idea important?

This issue, while hardly a revolutionary step, would help to reduce waste and benefit the environment. Every day, hundreds of thousands of till reciepts are handed out to customers when they purchase goods – for everything from a £1000 television to a 50p pack of chewing gum. The vast majority of reciepts are simply thrown in the bin or discarded in the street by the customer, creating unnecessary waste and litter pollution. Such reciepts are in most cases unnecessary – for low value items, the customer is very unlikely to return the item due to a defect, and manyretailers do not require the reciept to issue a refund in any case. For higher-value items, and for anything purchased on a credit or debit card, an electronic record of purchase already exists making the paper reciept an unnecessary duplication. Understandably, some customers wish to have a reciept – but I would like to recommend that the Government legislate to end the practice of automatically issuing reciepts, and to decree that a reciept should only be issued if a customer specifically requests one. This move would save the waste of hundreds of tons of paper each year, and would also save money for businesses who would no longer have to pay for Till reciept rolls and printers.

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