The Joint Enterprise law is such an unfair law which creates many miscarriages of justice. This unjust law convicts innocent bystanders of grave crimes such as murder when the bystander had no idea the crime was going to take place and further more played no part in it. These people are being given life sentences for simply being in the wrong place and the wrong time with the wrong people. I do not agree with law of joint enterprise as I do not believe you should be held responcible for another person's crime and I would love to see this law abolished, as would many others. However having been told this is an unrealistic option an amendment of the Joint Enterprise law is what is needed. This problem is widespread and is affecting more and more people each day, there are young people all over the country serving life sentences for crimes they took no part in. An amendment of this law is a must so innocent bystanders are protected. Joint Enterprise law sets the standard of proof way to low and casts the net far too wide, it is supposed to be used where there has been gang violence but it is being used to basically convict anyone.

Why is this idea important?

An amendment in the Joint Enterprise law is important because at present it is being used against youths who basically took no part in the crime. It is being used to convict innocent bystanders when they are factually innocent. Teenagers are being held responcible for someone else’s crime and are paying the maximum penalty, life in prison. Some of these teenagers have never been violent in their lives and had no clue to what was going to happen, they don’t join in and yet they are still being convicted of murder. This law is unjust and ruins people’s lives and you should not be given a life sentence for a crime you did not plan and took no part in. Joint Enterprise law just creates more victims.

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  1. yes this law needs to be abolished, as innocent men are being given life sentences and have not committed a crime, this law is unjust it is not justice,

  2. Ashleigh,
    Love your determination and loyalty, and I can see you get around the forums.
    As JENGBA seems to be spearheading the campaign, what is going to happen when people who strongly support the cases of many of these people, disagree in some way with the direction of JENGBA in achieving those aims?

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