Yes. Abolish Road Tax Disc and add this tax to the fuel prices.

I do 7000miles per year and pay £180 road tax per year. Other person do 12000miles per year and having exactly the same car pays also £180.  IT IS NOT FAIR. I emit much less CO2, use much less oils to run a vehicle and use much less roads. 

Drivers can be checked by special road cameras or at least get that disc at the post office for free after showing MOT and Insurance. 

It might be an insignificant increase in fuel consumption costs for the huge companies but significant savings for the major number of people. It might encourage people to use more public transport. 

If government  considers reduction of CO2 emission seriously, then should not ignore it.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because it will decrease CO2 emission and being fairer encourage people to use public transport much often. More money will stay in people hands, which will move economy forward. Some road tax money could be spend to encourage people to buy electric vehicles and build more bicycle road/pathways. There are many people having 1 or 2miles to get to work everyday and these people at 7.30 and 17.00 in all Britain cause traffics where CO2 emission hugely increases, hence cars, petrol and money become completely unprofitable.. these people having paid road tax (disc) are convinced about their right to use theirs vehicles as much as it is possible, otherwise a vehicle will not be reliable/profitable.. it is pointless and illogic. This is not the way to educate people, especially young ones who will become drivers soon.

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