It is really time to abolish a law that makes it possible for healthy and productive human beings to be forced to quit working at 65 even though they want or need to continue to work. Pensions and investments have been seriously eroded and many are struggling. The Civil Service scrapped forced retirement several years ago (c 600,000 staff!). An all party Commons committee recommended abolishing the default retirement age a few years ago. The Equality and Human Rights Commission also feels that the law is discriminatory -ranking alongside race, gender, religion- along with Age UK and many others. The US abolished it in the 1980s and Canada in the last decade–without any negative results!  Surely, everyone cannot be wrong. Why can't this Government make a decision that is in the best interest of the public rather than empty promises and study after study? The Treasury estimates an annual saving of c £3.5 bill. On both moral and financial grounds, it is time to quit stalling and actually doing something immediately that will benefit thousands now and in the future!

Why is this idea important?

As it will provide choice for those who feel that they can continue to make a contribution to their place of work,  their families  and the nation at a time when we all need to pull together given the financial crisis affecting the UK.

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