The complete abolishment of the TV licence as it is just another blackmail tax for the general public which is biased in favour of one company, unnecessary, unnecessarily high in price, unfair and more importatly, it is unwanted.

The license fee is too high for what it provides.  Year on year it increases, but what increase do we as a nation see for our money?  Programmes are the same repeats, why does it cost more to repeat?

They do not make it clear that it is a license to watch or record live TV and people are sent threatening letters sent out with deliberate ambiguity to entice and scare people into buying a license (that a lot of people do not actually need) to avoid ending up in court.

For example, if a documentary is produced one year and then again a year later, the increase in the license fee is disproportionate to what you see on the screen.

If other broadcasters can make money through advertising, why can't the BBC?  If they can't it adds weight to the argument they have grown too big.

In short, the BBC should create a product that people want to pay for, just like other businesses, not rely on bullying people for money – if businesses did that they would be up in court for demanding money by menaces!!

Why is this idea important?

It is not up to the TVL to police who has and who has not got a TV as it is not against the law to have a TV without a license as they would have you believe.

They want to check you do not have a TV when you tell them which is an invasion of privacy since there is no law against owning a TV.

They bully and harass households even when you tell them you have no need for a licence.

The license fee does not support other broadcasters but you have to have a license even if you don't watch a BBC channel or BBC radio.

The so called stars don't do anything different year on year which rewards a pay increase; neither do the fat cat bosses.

If anything abolishing the license fee will make the BBC more competitive as it will have to look after their sponsorship money whilst competing for talent against other broadcasters.



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