The above organisation should be abolished for the following reasons:

1. The annual fee, although currently met by Government for those employed full time in the F.E. sector, is a waste of resources and would be better spent on front line delivery.

2. Should the Government at any time withdraw the indirect funding for IFL, then in effect qualified lecturers would be required to pay an "employment tax". This would not be equitable, nor would it enhance the Government's reputation with those working in the sector.

3.It achieves little or nothing that can be in anyway measured in terms of improving the outcomes for students. It appears largely to be more "political correctness" ( a New Labour legacy), rather than a constructive use of both time and resources. The opportunity cost has also not been figured in, i.e. time taken to complete a rather over complex and over subjective, inward looking contemplation.

4. Just as the Government is set to abolish the General Teaching Council,in being consistent, the IFL should also be abolished.There is no substantial evidence that the IFL, or any other similar organisation, has produced a substantive improvement in Education and standards.

Why is this idea important?

1. This is another example of bureaucratic regulations interferring with the key task of classroom delivery, management and achievement.

2. Costs can be saved here without cutting front line services re teachers.

3. It will enable teachers to focus on the classroom rather than reporting to themselves on a website to record what they already know.

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