As I am pro-life, I am also aware of certain people claim to be pro-life but, in actuality, are far from it. REAL pro-life advocates feel that the ONLY reason for ending the life of the child is in the event that it comes to the choice of the Mother's life versus that of the child's. There are those who feel that even then, the baby should come first. We MUST remember that the baby did not cause the rape, incest, or its own physical condition. Why then, should it face execution? To make matters worse, why should it have its legs and arms torn from its body while its heart is still beating– BY ITS OWN MOTHER? Most pro-choice advocates don't want you to know that. They also don't want you to know that most often than not, the unborn child FEELS its limbs being torn from its body before the murder is complete. When we have jail time for the Mothers who murder their unborn children, and jail time for the Doctors who do the murdering, and jail time for the boy friend/husband/john/stranger who knew of the murder and did nothing to prevent it, then we will ALL live in a more civilized and compassionate world.

Most pro-choice advocates who cite the unhappy future of a child born with birth defects, no Father, or to an abusive Mother on drugs, forget to ask the children of these people whether or not THEY would have chosen death for themselves. If their answer is no, then, NO ONE should have the right to decide that for them. When you put a key into your car to start it, you expect it to start so you can drive it. When you insert your penis into a vagina, or allow a penis to be inserted into your vagina, you have to expect it to produce a child. That is its MAIN function. The unborn child should pay with its life so that you can achieve an orgasm? WHY? Am I a religious fanatic? No. I am a non-believer. Am I better than everyone else or do I think I am? Far from it. I party, go clubbing, drink on occasion like a fish, drive insanely fast sometimes, have experimented with drugs, and do my share of wrongs like everyone else. When I do something wrong though, I take resonsibility for it.

Someone who is contemplating an abortion should go to an orphanage or to a children's hospital and look at how they are living. They may not be living like you and I but, they have their friends, their enemies, their favorite T.V. shows, and they find joy in their lives just as we do, because they ARE a part of us. I wonder if you would have the nerve to ask them if they would have traded their lives for your orgasm or for your quest for a perfect person? I wonder what their answer would be?

Why is this idea important?

Because there are too many unborn children suffering at the hands of the one who should be protecting them the most: their Mother. Abortion is not necessary in today's society as we can achieve the same end result through education. Studies have shown that when young people view abortion as common place, or acceptable, they are many MORE times more likely to involved with a pregnancy out of wedlock.

It is a VISCOUS circle!

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