At the present time in the UK particularly so in urban communities there is and has been for many years a police presence on the roads and in the skies.But very little response to local crime or concerns of local people.Because theres police cars speeding through all our roads constantly with sirens and speed limits completely oblivious to local  speed limits or time of day or night.The majority of residents obviously assume that theres therefore  lots of crime.The police helicopters with their loud noise and beams are constatly swooping into our communities.Police will only respond to actual emergencies and not to noisy youth or neighbours etc etc.So it is that we rarely see a police officer though we do see them whizzing through our roads with sirens on full and speeding in areas of speed limits.The police are no longer in touch with local people and are more concerned getting through traffic from A to B.We need a new relationship with the police as custodians of law and order not as loud traffic wardens.

Why is this idea important?

A new coalition government needs to look objectively and constructively at all areas of life to enrich our quality of life and to get away from blocked thinking about deadlines,beauracracy and big brother ideals.We have to get back to local communities first where each individual person is important.The new Home secretary has some great common sense realism so lacking in the previous government with its open doors to crime immigration and drinking laws.

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