Presently when submitting a planning application you are allowed to submit a second planning application attempt to the same plot for free. What is the most frustrating part of this rule, from our experience is that our neighbour was allowed to withdraw the first application knowing all the objections they had received (including a highways comments which strongly obect to any more properties to this entrance) to then resubmit the same application which had to go through the procedure again – advert in paper (conservation area), administration of all the comments from the public/parties, time and effort from the planning /highways/conservation departments. Time and money in my opinion wasted to then for the neighbour to withdraw the application again because they had wind it would be rejected again! We are now waiting for the Appeal decision (another waste of public money on this occasion) after the neighbour finally allowed the planning deptartment to refuse the third planning application.

The second free go should only be used if a decision has been allowed to be made on the first application – that should save £300 and cut down time/man hours.

Because the local council is scared to do a wrong move and is treating this applicant with kid gloves they have failed to take on board all the neighbours which are being affected by this messing around.

One other thing which should be changed, when this planning appeal is dismissed (and if the protection for public safety is important – highways department have strongly objected to this and any further planning applications to this plot) we have been informed this will not stop the applicant from continuing to put in the same application again and again and again despite not any change in circumstance. We have my local MP working to get these laws changed. This is very unfair on the other residents to have this cloud over us for the unforseeable future.

So if you wish to cut costs please consider these issues.

Why is this idea important?

On seeing thousands of planning applictions and indeed planning appeals going through every week, by working to tighten laws will cut down time and in turn money. Stop the abuse of the planning system, so we can have the confidence when a decision is made by the government, it means something to all concerned!

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