Im very impressed with the way the coalition is working, its quite clear when we see cam  and clegg that they are indeed working together for the good of the country, yes there will be things each party disagrees with, thats democracy, i hope it carries on and with cooperation and debate the coalition carries on(and im a tory)


We all know that nulabour, after 13 years of trying to destroy our country and turn it into a broken dictatorial state that the country is more broken and skint than the coalition is telling us(cam in pmqs using the term "bankrupt") and the absence of herr brown from parliament pmqs is in itself very conspicuous, we the voters should be told exactly whats been going on for the 13 years under nulabour, starting from the very beggining from thye dodgy setting up by brown of the FSA, then the selling of our gold and then the theft of pensions and the plans behind these things. Its no secret that brown is a communist, the question is how deep does that fact go in controlling the finances as chancellor then as prime minister?


Anyway, laws that need looking at…


The gambling laws, labour opened up gambling in this country, it has caused hardship on a massive scale, roulette machines everywhere, these alone are causing massive addictions, addictions leading to countless divorces and houses being lost, these laws need looking at and putting right5, we already live in a country beset with addictions and gambling is the most destructive.


Next we need to examine the epidemic of cocaine abuse and introduce stricter laws of siezure, yes we need to massively expand our customs service to stop t getting here but it needs to be done, cocaine is the most destructive drug and its at epidemic levels(just go in busy bars and sit and watch the toilet door at weekend nights) this massive problem must be addressed asap, the solution will be found only when more people are employed to find it coming in, Yes it looks great when new programmes are introduced to deal with the addiction but this NEVER deals with the main cause which is the allowing it to get here.


P/S …we want to know why after such a long time the death of the innocent protester at the g20 at the hands of an over zealous police officer b have not been resolved? Its an insult to the people to assume they will forget about this matter.


Why is this idea important?

because they are!!

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