The act needs to be mandated for Social Care organisations too.

Why is this idea important?

I'm currently investigating whether there is any grounds for disputing my Father's will. The named Executor may not be valid. Currently, 'any person who may have a claim arising out of the patient’s death' has rights to access Health Records.

I've been struggling to get any data from one Social Care organisation as they do not accept this act and they are confused as to which applies. In other words, they are pretty paranoid about breaking any rule, so are withholding all information.

Both the Communities Department and the Department of Health have confirmed that there is no equivalent legislation for Social Care organisations, so people in my situation are not considered adn protected by law. Costly court orders are needed unnecessarily (considering how protection is given under the AHRA).

This problem and confusion can easily be solved if the AHRA covers Social Care.

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