To allow Directors of businesses access to their own credit data.

Individuals have the right to access their own credit files to check its correct and to see performance of their accounts, and who has searched it. We now take this for granted.

However, Directors of Limited companies are banned from seeing data on their own business. In a recent conversation Experian referred to legislation stopping me, a sole Director, from seeing credit scores, payment performance and third party searches.  Yet as an individual I can see all that information easily just by logging in to a portal.

How can businesses thrive in a tough economy when they are fighting blind against the banks and other lenders who are maiking decisions with exclusive knowledge?



Why is this idea important?

For small businesses to be able to obtain credit facilities in a tough market!


I have a business that has been trading 10 years. No CCJs, no defaults, no unpaid items with the bank. Two of my suppliers have put adverse information on my Company crdit file. Experian had to contact them to ask if they could reveal who they were to me. They both refused. I don't know who they are, and they won't "reveal" themselves".

As a result, I don't know who to contact to correct any information or even find out what information that they can see but I can't. 

Experian charges the Companies to put the information there, but  I cannot access it and its stopping my business from expanding.

The credit reference agencies don't care. They say they are acting under orders.

Its unfair, unjust and it stopping small businesses from accessing credit.



I know that this is a big gimmick and that no one will read it, but if  Vince Cable *DID* ever read it he would go up the wall 'cos it smacks of unfairness. It would also be a quick win to for him to change things if he knew what massive difference it would make for businesses to access credit more readily. Nothing to do with the banks having the money, its about the businesses being able to present themselves better to the banks. Bingo! Now call me to find out more. You say that you're slashing the number of  government websites, well this is a new one so please make it work efficiently.

Carl 07799 494749.




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