ACPO – association of chief police officers are the biggest abusers of civil liberties.

They tag & spy & log & video & capture & store as much information about everybody

as they possibly can. The vast majoirty of this information is held indefinitely and ACPO

believe they can capture as much information as they like, whenever they like, using as

MUCH taxpayers money as they – with Impunity.


ACPO GORGE themselves on taxpayers money.

ACPO intrude into people's lives using the standard obligatory reasons of "terrorism,

paedophiles, criminals, keeping the public safe".

ACPO is OBSESSED with motorists in particular Speed cameras – vast sums of money spent

on increasingly advanced & sophisticated cameras.


The worst thing about ACPO – Absoultely No Accountability.


Disband ACPO.



Why is this idea important?

Restore public faith in policeing.

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