To use the Royal Navy and other means at the disposal of the State to sink, disable or otherwise eliminate the whaling fleets of other states in international waters and even elsewhere.

Why is this idea important?

The whale must be protected and for nearly half a century has been. Only (some vested interests among) the culturally  backward Japanese have continued to hunt and kill whales (under the transparent and lying excuse of "scientific whaling") . They also destroy blue fin tuna and other lovely and endangered species and obviously care nothing for decency or for the international consensus against such disgraceful behaviour.

The Japanese are now joined by two other small countries notorious for selfishness and national egoism, Norway and Iceland.

If the UK joins with other advanced countries such as New Zealand and Australia, it should be possible to sink and then to deter the whaling fleets from operating. There is little that any of the three disgraceful whaling nations can do to prevent us from taking this necessary and sacred action. None has nuclear weapons, none has a large naval fleet. Moreover, Japan is dependent on exports; Norway and especially Iceland are economically weak,

This is a crusade for decency and has a precedent: in the mid 19th Century, Britain physically prevented ships carrying slaves from continuing on their journeys.

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