This is spli into two parts

a) It is suggested that where amendments are made to Acts of Parliament, the Act to which it is applied is changed and updated rather than a separate document created; creating at all times one single document.

b) The form of the Acts should be changed to a non-technical summary to the Act to provide to the lay man what the law is in principle in simple terms, the detail of the Act and appendicies which provide citation and refernces to previous versions etc.

Why is this idea important?

To the lay person understanding Acts of Parliament and what the law is can be very difficult. Generally one has to trawl through various amendments which repeal, revive, add etc the original Act to find out what is the law.  This leads to confusion particularly as it is easy to miss a particular change.

It is important that law is accessible in plain english to the public. Enhances understanding of our civil liberties.

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