The annexation of Wales by the English crown, first of all by the Statute of Rhuddlan at the end of the 13th Century and later on by the Acts of Union in the 16th Century (Laws in Wales Acts 1536–1543) would be illegal under international law if it happened today.  I suggest therefore, in the interest of civil liberties, that these oppressive laws be completely expunged from the statute books.  The existence of these unwanted and unjust laws has severely impinged upon the civil liberties of Welsh people for centuries.  The fact that the government has not produced a Welsh language version of this website further underlines this fact. 

Why is this idea important?

The current political setup in the UK is a consequence of conquest, of aggressive, expansionist policies adopted, historically, by the English crown.  Just societies cannot be based upon historic injustices.  The righting of historical wrongs should be a precursor to any attempt to try and create a more just and equitable future for these isles.  

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