Get rid of the Equality Bill and introduce something that means equality is actually equal, instead of so-called 'positive discrimination'. Unless there are very good reasons for them, I would like to see the following questions disappear from application forms:

Anything on sexual orientation,

Anything on race (we are all human. Why does it matter what colour your skin is?),



Marital Status,


Why is this idea important?

I am a white, working, single male living in rented accomodation. I am heterosexual with no disabilities, and have no children or other dependants. I am probably among the most discriminated against in this country. All of these measures to ensure equality have done anything but. People are being fast-tracked through careers, not because they are good at what they do, but because coloured, or disabled people above a certain rank are needed to show a company is an 'equal opportunity' employer. Even in parliament, Labour's 'women's champion' Harriet Harmon, promoting equality in the workplace, is doing nothing but proving to the populace how sexist she actually is, all in the name of equality. I'm sure that 100% of voters would prefer to see someone elected on competence rather than sex or skin colour.

I am all for equality, but I would like my equality to be equal.

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