Add criticism into relgious education.

Jesus Christ

I propose that equal criticisms of all religions should be taught in schools.

The entire key stage 4 of religious education is about Christianity and what the bible says. There should be sections on using logic to defeat god, evidence against relgion, bible criticisms, the evil in the bible (millions of murders in the name of god or ordered by god) or the morality of relgions that are wrong.

Why does this idea matter?

Religious education is mandatory in the UK. Getting rid of it altogether would be useful, and keeping a broad lesson incorporated into general studies about all religions would suffice.

However, this may be hard to acheive. So I propose that equal criticisms of all religions should be taught in schools. Religion is about not questioning and blind faith but school is about learning and questioning. If religion is to be taught in schools then both approaches should apply.

If children are to be taught about religions, with a strong bias towards christianity, then children should be equally taught why not to accept it as true without proof or evidence. Children should be taught how to use critical thinking and decide for themselves, looking at BOTH sides of the argument, whether religion is correct.

Religion in school teaches children to pick a religion, whilst nudging and pointing at christianity. It should also teach kids that they dont have to have a religion and that it is not necessarily correct.

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