The EC began infringement proceedings against the UK in relation to the 26 out of 52 week rule for claiming benefits, these proceedings remain open and will cost a considerable amount of money to the UK when they lose their case.

This is clearly set out in Article 10 (10a) of Council Regulations 1408/71 and Article 6 of the new Regulation 883/04, which replaced 1408/71 as of  01/05/2010, and any impediment to the right of free movement within the Member States is contrary to Article 18 of the EC Treaty.

Currently there is no free movement of workers, especially disabled UK citizens within the European community.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is of great importance because it will not only be costing the UK a small fortune to fight this case, but surely when losing this case in the European Court of Justice, it will not only cost the UK yet more money, but also show that the UK is in denial of EC legislation as written above.

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