Side effects mental health treatment take for granted are inhumane; the dose that gives these hyperawful effects is administrated without requiring the patients permission.

Permission should always be required; patients' opinions of their medication should be respectfully acknowledged and requests for lesser dosage should be obeyed without exception.

Minds will take preventative measures to outdo critical physical health, adverse onsets of debilitating mental states, and can and do include accident preventions.

In the mind, dimensions are 'yesterday and censured memory-banks', and also 'tomorrow and possibility'; when critical eruption of reason and emotions are within possibility the brain recognises a logic having emergency measures and initiates supreme proxy; homes each ration enough secure ID.  

Why is this idea important?

When the mind has a reason to express a mental aberration, it has no reason to express aberrations from medical sources.

The mind should express medicial choice and thereby an ability to foil unwanted aberrations.

To influence one problem by creating another called side-effects is highly presumptious, and unbelievably tyrannical.

Medicine for side effects can only disguise the inhumanity, .. not ever excuse it!   If the staff who presume to administrate unnatural dosage had to experience the effects they cause for themselves, .. they would ban it tomorrow.

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