Part of the problem of crime in the UK is the perception of it. People believe it is at a worse level than in reality.

This is because the press thrive on crime. They sell papers from it.

The result is that people, particularly women, get unduly scared when going out.

This is not good for the social cohesion in our country.

So I propose we adopt the Dutch model for crime reporting to help quell these false perceptions of crime.

In Holland, when a crime is committed, names of suspects cannot be mentioned. And after conviction, only their initials can be reported.

Why is this idea important?

Adopting the Dutch model for reporting would narrow the scope for sensationalizing crime — which is what British tabloids thrive on. And it is this sensationalism that is responsible for the ridiculous fear people have of others.

So is Holland a nation full of thugs and criminals?

Its level of crime is typically western European. But I'll tell you this. The average Amsterdamer looks a damn sight happier than the average Londoner.

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