The 'quotas' for adoption given to Social Service Departments should be ended immediately, as should any departmental financial incentives.  Thus Social Services Departments can go  back to a proper function where 'forced adoptions' are the last resort, and not the first.

Secondly the Family Courts should be held in public.  If justice is to be done, then it must be seen to be done.  This will no doubt raise a howl from all the lawyers, social workers and so called 'experts involved, about protecting children.  The reality is that the present system avoids showing up the avarice of the lawyers, and the incompetence and arrogance of the 'experts' and social workers.



Why is this idea important?

Children from perfectly capable parents are effectively being kidnapped by the state.  This has got to end.  The longer that it is allowed to continue, the bigger the outcry will be when it all comes to light, as it eventually is certain to so do.

Remember Parlaimentary Expenses!  Act now, before you are forced to.

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  1. It should be taken to the papers or someone very high on the scales that can stop it just like that

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