To review and amend age related restrictions on purchasing items such as glue, paints etc which have been based on the assumption that someone of a particular age might misuse the item. For example someone buying oil paints for college will use them for graffiti.

Why is this idea important?

There is no argument that we should have age related restrictions on certain items such as alcohol. However I find it odd that when buying oil paints age is asked for their age, when buying a knife designed for a three year old (very blunt) you have to be over 18, and when buying glue you need to be a certain age. The assumption in all of these cases is not that the item is in itself dangerous to people under a specific age, but that they will missuse the item. Thinking back to my childhood could I now as a child buy a modelling knife, glue and enamel paints to make a model. No. And in imposing these restrictions on this basis does it not remove the responsibility from then individual for using the item correctly? That is why I think these regulations should be reviewed and amended to ensure that they are only used where there is a real need to control access, and that they are consistent. If you are old enough to drive you should be old enough to buy paint to repair the damage you cause to your car.


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